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Domain Names - Hosting & SEO

A website is pointless if nobody can find it - I can advise on the best domain name for your business and guess what?  It's not always best to use your company name!  I can also host your site on my super fast servers and I include basic Search Engine Optimisation getting you visible on on Google search but read more about that below.

Domain Names

I don't sell them but can deal with the purchase on your behalf - Don't jump in too fast until you've spoken to me!!


I can host your site from as little as £3.99 per month on my super efficient servers based in the UK


Your site will be optimised for Google search algorithms but please read below

Search Engine Optimisation

Unless your business is competing in a highly competative market nationally or worldwide the websites I build will have sufficient SEO optimisation to get you ranked high but there's no guarantee, Google change their algorithms regularly but a clean website without broken links, keyword rich content and updated regularly will never usually get penalised.  I will run through all this with you.

SEO Companies

If you're in a super competative market you may need to employ an SEO company to do this for you it's not usually within the realm of web design.  It can be super expensive but I am very experienced in SEO and will happily go into detail for you on the best action plan for your company.
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