E-Commerce Websites

Get online and selling from your website

E-Commerce Websites

Creating an e-commerce website is actually a fairly simple process though it is very time consuming hence prices do sky rocket.  I've actually built an online site using WIX online websites but unless you have the time and able to pick up the learning curve required I do not reccommend using WIX, it's time consuming and can get very expensive - There's a better way of building an online store!

Keep The Costs Down

You can choose between a store that takes payments online or has the same process as a shopping cart but instead of taking orders and payments it takes customer enquires - Perfect for local businesses.

My pricing for E-commerce stores range from £900 and can reach up to 10's of thousands so careful planning is needed but I'll discuss with you all the options to ensure you get value for money.

Free Consultation

Arrange a meeting with me to discuss your current situation, I can then asses your needs I explain where I can help you take your business.


Products change all the time and your online products will need updating. I'll train you to do this or I can discuss a management programme for you.

Honest Advice

Too many try to blind you with tech talk, I don't!  I'll give you honest laymans advice to get you set up quickly with something that suits your business!

Have Questions?

I need a domain name!

No worries.  I don't sell domain names but I can take care of all that for you.  Leve it to me.

Can you host my website?

Yes, I can host your website and at a competative rate or you can host it elsewhere, either way I will help you deal with that.

How can I get the lowest price to build my site?

Come to me with the content already written for every page of your site with any photos (speak to me first) and you'll get the best deal.  As a web designer if I have all the content for your website before I start makes my job easier and faster.

What Do I Need To Do?

I'll do pretty much everything for you but if you want to keep the pricing as low as possible you will need to write the content and supply us with any images needed. If you would like me to take the photos and write the content I'd be happy to offer a competative quote for this.

How long will it take to get online?

For a small site that you have provided content and images for usually 3 days.

What are the charges on top of building the site?

Every website worldwide has fees attached.   Hosting can be as little as £30-£40 per year and the domain £10 or less. A simple site built by me shouldn't have any other payments made to me other than the original fees unless you ask me to update it, add more pages etc.  I will run through all this with you in person so you know exactly where you stand.
Revamp Old Websites

Revamp Old Websites

Upgrade your old site working across all platforms for increased Google search and a better experience for your customers
Starter Websites

Starter Websites

Let's get you online with a cool website designed to get leads and sales - Our starter packages start from only £300 (sometimes less).
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